Contract grinding

Since 1965, Kreutz GmbH has been a leader in Germany in the non-ferrous custom milling sector and in the preparation of mineral raw materials for the refractory, chemical and ceramics industries.

Use of the wear-resistant oxide ceramic Kreutzalox® guarantees that there is no iron in the finished product.

With the help of technologies that were largely developed in-house we offer non-ferrous grinding of various crystalline hard materials, such as zirconium silicate, aluminium oxide, quartz, corundum, rutile, ilmenite and ceramic frits. We grind bauxite, chamotte and regenerated materials such as from porcelain and zircon fragments with no contamination.

As regards packaging, customers can choose between sacks, FIBCs or silo trucks.

Contract calcination

We operate different sized trolley and chamber kilns to manufacture our Kreutzalox products. The maximum firing temperature is 1,600°C, which allows us to offer contract calcining and firings with specified firing curves at any time.

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